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Joining us for Episode 097 is director, storyboard artist, character designer, animator and author Carole Holliday! Carole sat down with us to discuss her fantastic journey through the world of animation, having worked at such studios as Disney, DreamWorks and more...

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Having worked on mega animated films like The Little Mermaid, A Goofy Movie, Oliver and Company, Prince of Egypt, Carole Holliday has worked in assistant animation to character design to storyboarding to directing.

We discuss Carole’s career, what she’s learned, how Glen Keane taught her to be more confident, and why animation is such a powerful storytelling medium

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Today Greg talked with Carole Holliday, a long-time animator, to discuss her career thus far, talked about art advice, and how to have confidence in the creativity we find within ourselves.

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In this episode of The Tiara Talk Show, Carole Holliday chats with host Tammy Tuckey about working as an animator on “A Goofy Movie,” revisiting the world of Tarzan for its sequels & T.V. show, being a theatre & animation student at CalArts, and more

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