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Carole loves telling stories that entertain people and inspire, as well as make them think and feel. She loves that animation has no boundaries for the one who does it. A wall flower can become a princess, a fearful person can become a fearless mountain climber or an unlucky soul can be a winner, with the deft handling of a stylus and computer. Her grandfather was a sign painter and wanted to work at Disney in a time where that wasn't possible, so she is thrilled that God gave her that opportunity through her career. Most recently, Carole was a storyboard supervisor for Cartoon Network on “Jessica’s Big Little World.”


Miss Holliday is a person who doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet, and has used her down time to write books, direct a short live action film and go to culinary school to learn to be a pastry Chef. 

Carole Holliday

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