a 12 minute animatic for a book I wrote and Illustrated called "Fish Out of Water"


The setting is Harlem, New York in the 1940's: The height of the jazz age. In this animated, fictional fairy tail, coming of age story called "Fish Out of Water" (Based on the book of the same name available on Amazon) of Marguerite  family opposition to her dream to be a jazz musician. Her hard life seems hopeless and her only friends are three birds, her dog and a rat. Events take a surprising turn when she learns about a big competition and meets a magical muse who convinces her to try out for the talent show. However she’ll need more than her skills on the cornet to prove herself in the face of family disapproval, sexism and her crippling self doubt if she wants to follow her dream. Told entirely in rhyme, FISH OUT OF WATER is written, directed, animated and edited by Storyboard artist, Carole Holliday. She loves heart warming character driven storytelling. Carole Holliday is currently a storyboard artist, but her ultimate endgame is to direct which is why she created FISH OUT OF WATER the film from the book she self published in 2017

Witt's Daughter
Winner of best Narrative short film for the 2009 Gi Film Festival
I wrote, produced and directed Witt's Daughter from the idea of of a man who comes home from fighting overseas for three years and expects his baby to be attached to him but finds out instead that she sees him as an unwelcome stranger. You can view the entire short on IMDB