• Carole Holliday

Fish on Fridays

Yesterday i posted my film Fish Out of Water on Youtube. I asked my friends if they would share it and comment on it. They seem to be doing a great job of it, as today on Saturday I have almost five hundred views.

Its somewhat of a poignant time. Thursday was the anniversary of my mother's passing in 2002. I couldn't help but wish she was here to see it. I think she would have liked it, and not just because the main character is named after her. Except for the one month that she moved (and then had to move back when she discovered she had cancer) my mom lived with me for the last six years of her life. I remember thinking as she laid in bed those last couple of months as I worked away on my sculpture of my main character who's name at the time was Nora, that I wanted my mom to be proud of me for accomplishing something. Silly, I know. what I should have done was spent that time with her. Anyway I couldn't help but think that yes she would be proud of this, but more than that, she would genuinely like it. My mom faced a lot of walls in her life, but she never gave up. I thank God for her example. And while she was never really the success she wanted to be, she was never fearful or timid, not like me at times. I think she would have like the film because Marguerite grows into her own, and thats a good story to tell.

We'll see where it goes from here.

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